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Posted on Aug 14th, 2010 Helps Public and Voters
Understand and Evaluate State's Proposed Amendments is an interactive Web site developed by the Collins Center for Public Policy that helps Florida voters better understand the current proposed amendments they will vote on in the November election.
"Our goal is to give Floridians useful information they can trust in the most accessible format possible," said Rod Petrey, Collins Center president. "This Web site not only gives comprehensive details on the amendments but a rich supply of additional information such as the amendment process and the history of our constitution."
FlaStateFlagThe Florida Amendments web site is part of the Collins Center's online social network ( which offers visitors an interactive experience to learn about and discuss important public policy issues. Features include videos, blogs, surveys, and online forums. "The Florida Amendments web site gives Floridians the chance to voice their opinions and ideas on Florida's most important public document," said Petrey.
Voters will decide the fate of nine proposed amendments or revisions to the Florida constitution. To help them make the best decision possible, offers objective, non-political and non-partisan information, including:
- Objective analyses of all the current amendments that includes details about the history of the measures, key players, and arguments for and against them.
- News articles and reports to enrich their knowledge and understanding of the measures.
- Moderated forums where visitors are able to share and learn via discussions and engagement with others.
- Multi-media video presentations.
- Additional information about the Florida Constitution and the amendment and voting processes.
- Multi-language content presented in both Spanish and Haitian Creole
CCLogoThe information on the site has been collected and fact-checked by the Collins Center for Public Policy, Inc., a non-partisan, independent, statewide organization devoted to helping Florida tackle its toughest challenges. was created for the 2008 elections with grants and support from the Florida Bar Foundation, P.L. Dodge Foundation and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice. Thanks to continued support with a grant from the Florida Bar Foundation, the site continues to offer an important public service and education tool for understanding the 2010 amendment proposals.
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