President's Message - Mike
Posted on Feb 27th, 2018


TO:  Manasota Key Association Members

As I write we are in the early days of January and are welcoming in the new year with renewed hope and inspiration and of course some New Years Resolutions. Frigid cold weather and major snow storms have gripped much of the northern US - at this time many of us are very thankful to be spending our winters down here on the beautiful sun coast.

Hurricane Irma now seems like a distant memory. The County has now cleared up the fallen trees and prodigious yard waste from our roadsides. The one major lingering effect is the road at Middle Beach which is still down to one lane. As we reported previously permanent repairs are going to be a long term project but we hope they will lead to improvements on road structure and safety.

Beach Erosion
Work continues on efforts to deal with beach erosion. The County Commissioners met at the end of November and authorized a public hearing on an Ordinance to amend the Coastal Setback Code to extend the duration of Class 1 Emergency Variances. This would extend the variance for large sandbags from a one year period to three years. The Association supports this extension and will be working with County staff and the Commission on enactng these changes. A public hearing is tentatively set for January 30th to discuss these amendments.

In December the Commission approved an interlocal agreement with Charlotte County for initial engineering work for the renourishment project for the southern part of our Key. The Commission authorized the expenditure of $70,000 for this work. This is NOT any sort of commitment to proceed with renourishment – instead it is a preliminary step to do some work to obtain a better sense of the current condition of our beaches and whether a project is feasible and what the costs would be.

Charlotte County is proceeding with their renourishment project. With the help of consultants they have done a lot of work on how to finance this project and are expecting to produce a full proposal including costs and funding early in this year.

History Book
Orders for our History Book have exceeded our most aggressive expectations. Many of you have now received this very professional publication, and again I wish to extend great thanks to Jackie Ruthman, Nan and David Winans and the rest of the team for all
their hard work on producing this fascinating history ofour Key.

Association ByLaws
The Board has recently worked with the help of outside counsel to develop and approve amendments to our ByLaws. There are no major substantive changes but these amendments do reflect current best practice and recent developments such as the movement into a digital world where more and more information is shared electronically. Changes also include more flexibility on the number of Directors and the notice and timing of our annual meeting. The ByLaws will appear in our Directory for 2018 which will be distributed at our February annual meeting.

Social Events
Special thanks to Sharon Matt and her team for organizing the November Sunset Cocktails at the Hermitage and our Fall Luncheon at the Beach Club which were both very well attended.

Our Annual Meeting will be held on February 15 at Boca Royale. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Very best wishes to all our members for a very happy and healthy year in 2018.