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Posted on Aug 17th, 2011

Last spring several members contacted the Board about cars parking on the western approaches of the Manasota Beach Rd. Bridge. These parked cars created a dangerous traffic situation, especially since bikers and pedestrians were forced to use the active traffic lanes in that area. It was noticed that cars were parked on the bridge, even when there was space available in the parking lot. The Sarasota County Traffic Council agreed that this parking created a dangerous situation. They recommended and the County Commissioners adopted a resolution that prohibits parking on both sides of the western approach to the bridge. The no parking signs should be up by the end of August. This new restriction should not inconvenience beach goers. As part of this years renovation at the park, the parking lot will be reconfigured to provide about 100 additional spaces. We welcome this change, which will make the area around the park safer for drivers, pedestrians, bikers and beach goers.