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Posted on Jun 27th, 2012

Dear Manasota Key Association Member,
We have experienced a devastating storm over the last 4 days and are just now beginning to recover enough to survey the damage.  Thanks to many of you for your commentary and photos as that has helped inform our many members who have left for the summer.
At this point, I am unaware of any serious structural damage to any homes.  The vast majority of gulf side steps are gone, along with numerous patios, decks, porches, and gazebos.  Plant life along the gulf has also sustained significant damage as the 4 days of 25-50 mph winds drove huge waves against the shore.   Many sailboats and kayaks and at least one jet ski also disappeared.  Most turtle nests have been destroyed. On the bay side, there have been a few docks that have "floated" away.  Some with hoists attached.
Clearly the beach erosion is the greatest loss reported.  In many areas, as much as 20 feet of embankment has been lost.  Many dunes are now gone or reduced to sheer sand cliffs.  Many of the photos reflect this damage.
I have asked our county commissioner, Christine Robinson, for some emergency relief to enable us to begin needed repairs.  We hope to obtain a list of repairs that can begin immediately without time delaying county permits.  There is good weather forecasted for the next few days so there should be no further storm damage from Debby.  Nonetheless, we will work towards getting some answers to the repair and replacement issues as soon as possible.
We will contine to keep you informed directly or through our website (
John Geist,   Manasota Key Association