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Oil Spill Update - June 8, 2010
Posted on Jun 8th, 2010

Members of the MKA,
Here is the latest update on the oil spill excerpted from reports provided by Ed McCrane, Sarasota County Emergency Management at 12:48 PM, June 7th.
Oil has reached shore in the Florida panhandle and additional impacts are expected in that area over the next 72 hours due to strong onshore winds. In addition a small amount of oil has entered the Loop Current, but that current seems to be pinched off at the Florida Straits. There is no indication that any other area of Florida will be impacted in the next 72 hours. At present, there is no evidence of oil from this spill within 180 miles of Sarasota County.
The latest report is that the BP containment dome is having some success. In the last 24 hours it captured 400,000 gallons of oil. The current estimates of oil escaping from the well range from 500,000 to one million gallons per day. BP has announced that they expect the rate of capture to improve and that there will be a second containment dome on site by this weekend. But is now anticipated that some unknown quantity of oil will continue to escape until a relief well is complete in August.
The Florida Department of Natural Resources continues to advise homeowners and others NOT to take unauthorized actions to protect the beaches, or wildlife. Well meaning, but uninformed activities are considered likely to do more harm than good at this time.
Emergency Management is planning to hold a meeting at the Venice Public Library at 8:00 AM June 16th. This is to be an official Sarasota County oil spill response update. If interested in attending, check with the library first, as these meetings are subject to time and / or venue change.
Manasota Key Association Directors