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Oil Spill Update - June 2, 2010
Posted on Jun 2nd, 2010

Good morning,
We know the oil spill in the Gulf is a major concern to our members. Here is a brief update condensed from information provided by Ed McCrane, Emergency management Chief, Sarasota County Unified Command. This was updated at 2:45 PM, June 1st.
Currently there has been no impact on ANY of Florida’s coastline and none is anticipated for at least the next 72 hours.
The Gulf Loop Current is projected to move the main body of oil west. Impacts to our area, if any, are expected to be in the form of tar balls, or oil sheens. The people involved in the turtle patrols, who are on the beach daily, have been trained to recognize signs of oil. In addition, Sarasota County has set up a number ( 941-650-6608 ), where anyone can report an oil sighting.
If oil hits our beaches, most of the clean up is to be done by contractors trained by the State and ultimately paid for by BP. It is not anticipated that residents will be asked or required to participate. This is due to the possible toxicity of the oil and the need for proper training to assist wildlife, or effectively clean the beach or plants. Sarasota County Emergency Management participates in daily conference calls to update all information.
At this time, 20,000 personnel and 1,700 vessels are involved in the clean up effort. Approximately 4 million feet of boom has been deployed and about 13.8 million gallons of oil / water mix has been recovered. 120 controlled burns have been conducted, which have removed 2.8 million gallons of oil from the surface.
The Barrier Island League ( Casey, Siesta, North Manasota and Manasota Keys ) has met and formed a plan to share information and coordinate requests for assistance from County and State agencies, should that become necessary.
Here are some web sites that will allow you to get more information, or follow this tragic event directly, should you choose to do so. ( click on Deepwater Horizon Response )
( there is a link for volunteers to train to assist with wildlife rescue ) ( this site allows you to check the projected path of the oil ).
At this time, southwest Florida has been spared any immediate damage. The official county position is “hopeful watching “. We will do our best to keep you informed as the situation develops.
Board of Directors, Manasota Key Association