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Message from MKA President Mike Clark
Posted on Apr 18th, 2014

We recently had a very good meeting with Commissioner Charles Hines. Each Commissioner has primary responsibility for certain parts of Sarasota County, and Mr Hines' area includes Manasota Key. We discussed various concerns which included iguana control, the possibility of ferry service from Englewood to Blind Pass Park and ongoing litigation by the County involving mangrove destruction at 8215 Manasota Key Road. Our Board will continue to work closely with the Commission and the County staff to ensure good communication and with the hope of avoiding any unfortunate surprises in the future.
Mr. Hines referred to the growth and development which is taking place in the County. This includes major work to be done on the old Thomas Ranch property in North Port (near Tamiami Trail and River Road). This is a very large tract of land which has been acquired by a Canadian developer. It could bring as many as 11,000 new housing units which will be built over a long period (20 -25 years). This sort of development will no doubt bring many challenges for this area of Florida and will need to be very carefully managed.
Fortunately our Key is protected by the foresight of earlier residents who were able to pass the Conservation Act - it prohibits commercial development and limits new homes to single family residences. With the inevitable pressure of development we all must remain vigilant to uphold this Act and ensure the special qualities of the Key are protected and maintained.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank former President David Green for his excellent leadership and hard work. David will remain on the Board for the next year, and we will continue to benefit from his advice and counsel.
Also Nancy Lukas and Jim Dusenbury have recently left the Board – I wish to thank them for their many contributions to the Association. Nancy has very graciously agreed to continue as producer of this Newsletter, and we offer our sincere thanks for her many fine efforts. At the same time I offer a warm welcome to Debi Healy and Sharon Matt who have joined the Board and are already hard at work.
On a lighter note our next social event is the picnic on April 1. This has proved to be very popular and a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing many of you there.
Michael Clark, President