Beach Erosion and Beach Renourishment Newest Additions July 2019
July 2019 Manasota Presentation Slides CLICK HERE
March 2019 Sarasota County Northern Segment Beach Fill Design report CLICK HERE
Feb. 2019 Sarasota County Near Hardbottom Survey CLICK HERE
May 2018 Sarasota County Fill Design CLICK HERE
How Beach Nourishment works  CLICK HERE
Video recording of July 17 Public meeting / external source YouTube CLICK HERE
Sarasota Cty_Exhibit A_Beach Nourishment Capital Improvement Program July 9, 2019 CLICK HERE
Englewood Water District Chlorine Burn 2019 July & August
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Water Quality Summit - Sarasota County Fact Sheet  - Click Here
Dealing With Iguanas
Wildlife Trappers - Sarasota County list of Wildlife Trappers operating in our county.
Want to try catching the Iguanas yourself?  For DYI Instructions - Click Here
Beach Erosion and Beach Renourishment
Newest Editions: Feb. and April 2019
  1. Beach Erosion Glossary & Frequently Asked Questions
  2. March 6th, 2019 President Email to Members the regarding the Joint Meeting of Charlotte & Sarasota County Commissioner Meeting - Feb 28th, 2019
  3. April 9, 2019 Sarasota County greenlights joint Manasota Beach Nourishment project with Charlotte County - Sarasota Herald Tribune 
Sarasota county community workshops held in December 2016 and January 2017 

Sarasota County Survey Results - Published March 29, 2017
Staats, Eric. "U.S. Officials Have OK to Study Bringing Bahamas Sand to Florida Beaches." Naples Daily News. USA Today Network, 01 Jan. 2017. Web. 08 Jan. 2017.
Englewood Sun - A Four Part Series
January 2, 2017 "State failing to keepup with BEACH EROSION"
January 3, 2017 "State's Leadersnot making BEACHES A PRIORITY"
January 4, 2017 "Sand wars:Cost, availability of sand is challenge"
January 5, 2017 "BEACH RENOURISHMENT Funds hard to come by"

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Manasota Key Association Constitution
Bylaws of Manasota Key Association, Inc
Conservation Act - Laws of Florida - Chapter 71-904