The Manasota Key Association is a voluntary association of home owners and property owners from the Sarasota County/Charlotte County line north to the North Bridge.   For more information click on ABOUT US in the navigation to the left.  Also please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Single stream recycling 2020
In January 2020, all residents in unincorporated Sarasota County will transition from a manual dual-stream, bin-based collection system to an automated, single-stream, cart-based system.
The standard single-family home will receive a 65-gallon capacity cart on wheels. The cart measures 40.5' (h) x 26.7' (w) x 28.11' (d). Multifamily or common-area residences will have access to single-stream recycling carts. Trucks will use a robotic arm to lift and empty the recycling carts.
Single-stream recycling collection will begin the week of Jan. 6, 2020. Recycling materials will not be collected in red and blue recycling bins after Jan. 3, 2020.
Until single-stream recycling begins, store carts behind or beside your home, inside your garage, etc. Do not store them on the sidewalk in front of your home. Follow any storage rules that might be required by your homeowner's association.
When recycling collections starts, keep the cart at least three feet away from other objects such as mailboxes, utility poles and cars so the automated arm on the recycling truck can easily access the cart for service. Position the cart so that the opening of the lid is facing the street.12/7/19 Big Recycle Blue Bins have been delivered to Manasota Key.
Be sure to get yours moved off the street.

Beach Nourishment update 9-17-19
Posted on Oct 8th, 2019
Dear MKA Member,
We’d like to update you on some important recent developments regarding the beach nourishment project. On September 10, the County Commissioners unanimously approved extending the beach nourishment project to include the homeowners just north of Blind Pass Park in the currently approved project. For those familiar with shoreline markers, the project will be extended from R175 to R173.5 with a taper to R173 so the overall project that previously 1.6 miles is expanded by 0.4 miles. R markers are 1000 feet apart.
The addition will add protection to the road at Middle Beach where it washed out with Irma.  Estimated cost is an additional $1.6 million. The addition from R-175 to 173.5 will be a 40 ft. beach berm. This is 10 feet less than the rest of the project to avoid the hardbottom impacts in that area to limit costs. This brings the projected costs of Sarasota County’s portion of the project to $10.2 million dollars with homeowners’ portion in the early estimates being 20% of the total. We continue to remind staff and Commissioners that cost was and is of upmost importance to homeowners. 
The homeowners’ portion of funding for the project through a Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU) is still under development. Staff shared last week they anticipate it will take about two more months to provide details now that the scope of this project is defined. Our understanding is that only homes in the nourishment zone are included in this MSBU. We will continue to work with the County and share updates as they unfold.
The next important steps involve establishing the Erosion Control Lineand securing temporary construction easements from Gulf front owners. There will be a public workshop on Wednesday, October 9th at 5PM-6:15PM at the South County Administration building (4000 S Tamiami Trail, Venice) to discuss the Erosion Control Line for Sarasota County so mark your calendars. Those unable to attend can tune in using the project website link that will also be outlining the updates elaborated in this note. Go to: https://www.scgov.net/government/planning-and-development-services/manasota-key-beach-nourishment  You may have to copy and paste this link into your browser.
A notary will be present the evening of the meeting for anyone wishing to turn in their temporary construction easements on October 9th.
Meanwhile, the project now goes out for bid with an approval likely in November. As of this week, the engineer for the project now believes the project startis likely to be January 2020to allow for the additional permitting so please understand there are still many moving parts and this date is their best estimate. 
A second related but separate proposal requested by a second group of Gulf front homeowners to further explore a truck haul project that is targeted up to R169 was also approved. This is needed due to different permitting processes and time constraints. A project timeline for this portion is expected to take +/- 24 months. Staff and the consultant are directed to prepare new analysis of costs / challenges for the 30-foot addition recommended by the engineer as most practical to be presented to the Commissioners. Of particular interest was the news that this can be a revision to the joint project application, thus reducing some of the permitting and allowing the project to qualify for state and county funds. These otherwise seemingly carefree summer months were anything but relaxed.
Manasota Key Association
President's Letter to Our Members
Posted on Mar 29th, 2019
Your Manasota Key Association has been busy continuing the organization’s fine tradition of protecting and preserving our beloved stretch of the island. The board continues to meet monthly during season and as needed the rest of the year to keep operations efficient and tend issues that impact our quality of life. Those of you who took the time to complete our survey in January validated that our efforts are focused on the things you also think are important. Our organization continues to strive to represent the best interests of our 230+ household members. For those who could not attend the meeting, an updated recap of our efforts can be found on the MKA website. I want to thank our Board of Directors for all their efforts to keep the Association a strong, effective organization. I’d also like to remind you that we like to have fun. Hope to see you at the Picnic on April 6th!
For a quick glance, the top issues you identified are: 1) red tide 2) erosion 3) beach nourishment 4) crime 5) sewers 6) iguanas and 7) road conditions. Be assured we are working on all seven issues. If you want to know specifically what we are doing, keep reading.
Manasota Key Archeological Site
Posted on Mar 14th, 2018
7000 Year Old Burial Site Discovered in the Gulf off of Manasota Key.
To learn all about the incredible discovery off of Manasota Key, just click on the menu to the left under: Manasota Key Archeological Site.

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Thursday, February 20th, 11:30; Lunch at Noon at The Waverly - 2095 Beach Road

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